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AMB Products and Service

Solar Panel Installation

Companies with high peak electricity demand can benefit from the long-term energy self-sufficiency that solar solutions provider. The ability to lock in electrical rates at today’s pricing eliminates the costs associated with increasing rates. Solar systems also produce electricity for companies well beyond the ROI.

LED Solutions

Today, light can do so much more than brighten our path. It can lighten our impact on the environment. Make our parking lots more secure. Or boost the productivity of our workspaces. Innovative LED lighting solutions help business owners make a powerful impact on their energy and cost savings

What is an EV?

An EV is an Electrical Vehicle.

What are some common types of EV’s?

Some common types of EV’s are the Nissan Leaf, the Tesla Model 3, and the Chevy Bolt.

Are EV cars cheaper to buy and maintain than gas powered cars?

The initial cost of buying an EV with incentives is close to that of a gas-powered car.

The average cost to operate an EV in the United States is $485 per year, while the average for a gasoline-powered vehicle is $1,117. Also, the average EV costs 6.6 cents per mile driven to maintain, compared to gas-powered sedans and SUVs, which cost 8.9 cents and 9.9 cents per mile, respectively.

What incentives are there for buying an EV in The United States?

Each state has different incentives with some incentives being up to $10,000. Each state’s incentives can be found using the link below.

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps use electricity and refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. To get a little more nitty-gritty, heat pumps use electricity to absorb heat when the refrigerant vaporizes, and release heat when it condenses. You’re likely familiar with heat pumps already. Refrigerators are heat pumps. A/C units are heat pumps. They’re a tried-and-true technology.

With modern cold climate air source heat pumps, the systems is offering, you can use heat pump technology to heat and cool your building year-round.
In the winter, your heat pumps will move heat from outside your building to inside the building. They are 2-3x more efficient than any boiler-based heating system down until the temperature reaches -17 degrees F.
In the summer, your heat pumps will pump heat out of your building. They’ll be 20-50% more efficient than conventional window A/C units, and work more efficiently than A/C units until temperatures reach well above 105+ degrees F.

Modern Heating & Cooling Benefits
No More Tenant Complaints
• All-in-one heating & cooling systems in each unit ensure tenants can control their comfort year-round.
• Airflow is steady and quiet as a whisper.
• Filters deliver healthy, purified air.
Non-combustion heating means cleaner air and lower asthma rates for the entire community
Lower Your Operating Costs
• Systems are famously efficient and low maintenance.
• Smart monitoring ensures reliable performance.
• Eliminate oil delivery, bills, and maintenance costs
• 15-year performance guarantee included with the Lease.
Increase Your Building’s Value
• Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) from energy efficiency.
• Building value will increase by 5-12%
• Get a brand-new modern heating & cooling system without putting any of your capital to work.
No money down for heating & cooling frees your cash for additional building improvements