Investing in solar energy systems for your business will substantially reduce your monthly electric bill for the next 25+ years, while also reducing your tax burden with depreciation for the next six years. When paired with the current incentives, installing solar can pay for itself in under 5 years, and continue providing reduced overhead for two or three more decades. What would your company be able to accomplish if they didn’t have to pay their utility bill?


In addition to their ability to decrease expenses, solar technologies are a large component of curbing national carbon emissions and mitigating our negative impact on global climate change. While the generation of solar energy yields no greenhouse gas emission or negative environmental impact, more than a third of the carbon emissions in the U.S. are a result of fossil fuels burned for the purpose of powering homes and businesses. Solar also works to bolster the resilience and reliability of our electric grid, making energy more available during events like storms and natural disasters that occur more and more in a changing climate.

Making the decision to invest in solar illustrates a clear commitment to the issue of climate change, which can enhance your credibility with investors and customers who are searching to engage with environmentally friendly companies. Solar systems can serve as a constant, visible reminder that you are invested in the future of the planet as well as your local community.

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